Election 44

As with any election, you can count on the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives for evidence-based, non-partisan analysis through a progressive lens—because there is much at stake and we have important decisions to make.


Sept 8: Fact Check: Climate action myths we must move past

Sept. 7: Platform Crunch: Parties don't get it—renting is not a phase

Sept. 3: Platform Crunch: Liberals release costed platform

Sept. 2: Platform Crunch: Is health care on trial during the pandemic election?

Aug. 27: Families would save more with $10-a-day child care fees than with tax credits 

Aug. 25: Fact check: Affordable rental housing isn't affordable

Aug. 18: Platform Crunch: Conservatives release five key planks

Aug. 13: Platform Crunch: NDP releases commitments ahead of anticipated federal election call


Sept. 8: The Problem with "Affordable" Housing in Canada

Sept. 1: Affordable Child Care in Canada

Aug .25: Women, COVID-19 and the Care Economy

Aug. 18: Climate Policy

Aug .11: Here's what you can expect from the CCPA

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