Under Threat

20 Years since the Saskatchewan Wildlife Act
February 26, 2018
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Saskatchewan currently has some of the weakest laws for endangered species and habitat protection in the country. According to the national scientific committee that assesses all flora and fauna in Canada, there were 28 special concern species, 28 threatened, 19 endangered, and 2 extirpated species in Saskatchewan. In just the past 5 years the committee has added 18 species to the list of at risk flora and fauna with range in Saskatchewan. And yet, the Saskatchewan Wildlife Act— he provincial legislation that classifies species at risk—has not added a single endangered species since the original list was created in 1999. Under Threat: 20 Years since the Saskatchewan Wildlife Act by University of Toronto professor Dr. Andrea Olive examines the weakness of the current Saskatchewan Wildlife Act and addresses what we need to properly protect our endangered species and habitat in Saskatchewan.

About the author:
Originally from Regina, Andrea Olive has a PhD in political science from Purdue University. She is currently an associate professor of political science and geography at the University of Toronto. Her areas of research and teaching are environmental policy, especially species at risk conservation. She is the author of Land, Stewardship, and Legitimacy and The Canadian Environment in Political Context. In 2018 she will be writing a book about the political ecology of the grasslands from her summer home outside Canora, SK.