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We at the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives publish many online, multimedia and print materials that make ideal resources for BC teachers, especially teachers of Social Justice 12. These include:

Many of these resources are available for free, and others are available at special pricing for BC teachers. All CCPA materials are published under a limited copyright that allows you to copy them freely. Please contact Emma Dolhai at the CCPA office to order materials or discuss pricing for teachers: 604-801-5121 x231, emma.d [at] policyalternatives [dot] ca.

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Multimedia resources

  • The Case for Fair Tax Reform in BC
    A page on our website that collects multimedia and print resources about taxation in BC, including the 1.5-minute video, A Day in the Life of Your Taxes.
  • Town at the End of the Road
    A 15-minute video about how the residents of Mackenzie, BC have been affected by the downturn in the forest industry. The page also lists resources related to forestry management in BC.
  • Fracking Up BC
    A four minute video about the fracking industry and its impact on BC’s Peace Region.
  • What Is Poverty Costing Us In BC?
    A three-minute video that shows the high cost of allowing poverty to continue in BC instead of investing in a poverty reduction plan. Related reading materials are also available.
  • Transportation Transformation
    A slideshow that shows how transportation in BC could be changed to lower emissions and create healthier communities for all British Columbians.
  • Imagine… A Working Carbon Tax for BC
    A slideshow that explains in plain language how the current carbon tax works and how it could be transformed so that it would prevent emissions and protect lower-income families from unfair economic impacts.
  • Poverty Amid Plenty: A Slideshow About Welfare in BC
    This 38-minute video slideshow includes interviews with people who are living on welfare benefits, as well as advocates who work with welfare recipients and/or anti-poverty groups. The slideshow answers questions about why welfare is important, and addresses myths about welfare and poverty. Available as a DVD set for TV or computer viewing. Related reading materials are also available.
  • The Time is Now: A Poverty Reduction Plan for BC
    A video slideshow about poverty and what we can do about it. The video features interviews with a parent struggling to make ends meet by working two jobs, and with people working on health, immigration and family well-being issues. Available as a DVD set for TV or computer viewing. Related reading materials are also available.
  • Canada’s Growing Gap Explained
    A short (3:30 minute) video about the growing income gap between the rich and the rest of us. Available on our website, or on CD for computer viewing. Related reading materials are also available.
  • Fragile Rights: Speech by Maher Arar
    A video of Maher Arar speaking about the erosion of our human rights and civil liberties in the name of national security. Available on our website, or on DVD. Runs 43 minutes.


Infographics make complex information more accessible by highlighting key facts and statistics.

  • Doing Better, Together
    These infographics illustrate what the federal government could do if it decided to seriously tackle Canadians’ largest social, economic, and environmental concerns.

Classroom resources and teaching aids

The following include special classroom resources, or are designed for use by teachers:

  • Economics for Everyone: A Short Guide to the Economics of Capitalism
    This book provides a description and critique of free-market economics, without technical jargon. Economics for Everyone shows where working people fit into the big economic picture – and looks at the opportunities to build a better, fairer system. The accompanying website includes a course outline, lecture notes, student exercises, and a glossary.
  • Challenging McWorld
    Today's youth live in a wired world of corporate logos, symbols and branding. Challenging McWorld takes up issues of globalization facing youth in high schools, university or college campuses, workplaces, communities and the world. It includes lesson plans and education supplements that correspond to the more detailed chapters. These supplements suggest activities and topics for discussion that make Challenging McWorld more interactive, and help readers use the research to engage and question the world around them.
  • Math That Matters: A Teacher Resource for Linking Math and Social Justice
    In Math That Matters, David Stocker has crafted 50 thoughtful and accessible lesson plans that explore the links between mathematics and social justice. This is an innovative and indispensable tool for those passionate about mathematics, social justice, civic engagement, and interactive and involved classrooms.

Research reports and studies

The CCPA publishes research reports, studies and backgrounders on a wide range of issues. All include a short summary, and many of these are available as stand-alone documents. All can be downloaded free from our website and copied for use in classrooms, or you can order printed copies from our office. 

CCPA’s Education Project and Our Schools/Our Selves

The Education Project coordinates education research, monitors corporate intrusion into the public education system, creates resources for teachers, and publishes the quarterly journal Our Schools/Our Selves. To find out more or subscribe to Our Schools/Our Selves, contact Erika Shaker at the CCPA’s National Office, erikas [at] policyalternatives [dot] ca or 613-563-1341 x 310. Order Our Schools/Our Selves here.