Connecting BC

A 10-year vision for public transit throughout BC
February 16, 2024
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After years of neglect and privatization, today’s transit system in BC is plagued with overcrowding, delays and big gaps in service. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way.  In collaboration with the BC Federation of Labour, we published Connecting BC: a 10-year vision for public transit throughout BC. This report is a 10-year transit investment plan that outlines a path to make transit affordable, accessible, inclusive, carbon-zero and a great experience for users across the province.

What’s in the plan? 

  1. A new province-wide express bus service to connect BC communities everywhere.
  2. Make transit services more frequent and reliable throughout BC by doubling the number of BC Transit local services within five years and x3 within 10. 
  3. Stop contracting with private companies; instead, expand the HandyDart service province-wide with an upgraded electric fleet.
  4. Develop new regional rail connections across the South Coast and Vancouver Island along historic rail corridors.
  5. Add new passenger ferry options between Vancouver, the Gulf Islands, the Sunshine Coast and Vancouver Island.
  6. Accelerate TransLink’s 10-year Access for Everyone plan for Metro Vancouver.
  7. Expand existing free transit programs to youth aged 13 to 18.
  8. Integrate all these transit pieces into a seamless, coordinated and coherent transit experience—with one-ticket access and synchronized service and information infrastructure, for example.

Meaningful partnerships with First Nations—including free, prior, informed consent and an active role in shaping the services and the system—are also a key part of the plan, and there will be active participation from people in small towns and rural communities.

The plan shows that by repurposing some of the BC government budget for non-transit infrastructure spending, much of the plan could be funded. In addition, the plan calls on the BC government to increase its annual subsidy to all transit services and outlines the investment strategy to accomplish a cleaner and brighter future via a Connected BC.

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