From Demonized to Organized

Building the New Union Movement
September 13, 2013

"Nora Loreto refreshes the indispensable union movement for the younger generation of Canadians rendered defenseless by avaricious and cruel corporate globalization. Read it and take the reins of your future in new and forceful directions for worker justice."

—Ralph Nader

 From the Introduction:

This book seeks to explain unionization to my generation; to my friends who distrust civil society organizations as much as they distrust government; to my unemployed friends who are living from contract to contract and who would kill for a stable, unionized job; for the workers who have never had the benefit of being represented when facing injustice at work; for the workers who would rather not think of what would happen if they were injured on the job.

It’s a reminder to unionized folks that many of the truths that they take for granted are not obvious to others and that the labour movement must change how it reaches out to its members, its communities and to non-unionized workers if it hopes to grow. It’s a call to action for activists to share their stories, debunk the existing right-wing, anti-union rhetoric, re-engage in their communities, and build a movement that can defeat neoliberal policies and their political proponents.

Ce livre est disponible en français.

From Demonized to Organized is also available as an e-book:

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