Canada's Energy Outlook

Current realities and implications for a carbon-constrained future
May 1, 2018
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Canada faces some very difficult choices in maintaining energy security while meeting emissions reduction targets.

This study analyses Canada’s energy system, and provides an objective assessment of future options to maintain energy security and meet climate commitments. Canadians need a viable and sustainable long-term energy strategy, based on availability, scalability, cost, environmental impacts and alternatives of all energy options.

The study serves as a definitive guide to Canada’s current energy realities and their implications for a sustainable future. It takes a detailed look at Canadian energy consumption, renewable and non-renewable energy supply, the state of Canada’s resources and revenues, and what it all means for emissions-reduction planning.

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This study is part of the Corporate Mapping Project, a research and public engagement initiative investigating the power of the fossil fuel industry in Western Canada. The CMP is jointly led by the University of Victoria, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and the Parkland Institute. 

This research was supported by the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC).