Beyond Neoliberalism: Toward a Trade Agenda for People and the Planet

The "Beyond Neoliberalism" workshop in Ottawa on October 30, 2019 was co-organized by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Trade Justice Network and Institute for Policy Studies, with support from Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung-New York.

As a follow-up to the publication of the report Beyond NAFTA 2.0, the goal of the workshop was to discuss alternatives to free-market or neoliberal globalization, as codified in today's free trade and investment protection agreements, and how we might begin to establish fairer and more sustainable models of production and exchange.

Click on the names below to hear their presentations to the "Beyond Neoliberalism" workshop.

  • Maude Barlow - The past, present and future struggle for fair, sustainable trade (19:46)
  • Pamela Palmater - Indigenous rights, international law and trade treaties (10:30)
  • Gavin Fridell - Food sovereignty and trade (8:01)
  • Laura Macdonald - Trade, gender and women's empowerment (12:48)
  • Marc-André Gagnon - Le libre-échange et l'accès à des médicaments abordables (en français, 13:08)
  • Meg Gingrich - Labour rights and the USMCA (10:38)
  • Manuel Pérez-Rocha - Investment protection and investor-state dispute settlement (12:27)
  • Meghan Sali - Digital trade and digital rights for all (14:52)
  • Claude Vaillancourt - Le libre-échange et la diversité culturelle (en français, 11:36)
  • Scott Sinclair - Trade, public services and the Green New Deal (12:11)
  • Howard Mann - The declining economic and social returns of free trade (16:37)
November 22, 2019