Picking up the Tab

Interactive Map

The CCPA has calculated how much of COVID-19 spending has come from the federal government and how much has come from the provinces. Overall, 92 per cent ($343 billion) of COVID-19 direct spending initiatives, excluding liquidity and unallocated funds, came from the federal government––compared to eight per cent ($31 billion) from provincial governments.

This interactive map allows users to explore how much money each province is spending per person on its COVID-19 recovery plan, what funds each province currently has access to (and may not be utilizing), and which government is paying for the recovery initiatives.

To get started, click on a province. Hover over the provinces for additional information. There are two tabs which can be accessed by clicking the grey boxes below the title. To reset the map, reload the page. The map may take time to load. Please be patient.

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Click here to download the full report: Picking Up the Tab.


January 24, 2021