Visioning Nova Scotia in 2020

Analyzing the current state of affairs in NS and searching for solutions

In Nov. of 2009, the Nova Scotia office of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives hosted a conference in Halifax, named "Visioning Nova Scotia in 2020: Advancing research and policy for sustainability". Its purpose was to identify the key issues facing the province, and envision the kind of policy decisions that would help solve those problems.

In this clip, Christine Saulnier, Director of the CCPA-NS office, introduces the conference.

In this clip, Christine Saulnier showcases the facts and numbers of poverty and inequality in Nova Scotia.

 In this clip, Christine Saulnier provides an analysis of the numbers on poverty and the political situation in Nova Scotia.

In this clip, Professor Larry Haiven of the Sobey's School of Business at Saint Mary's University, also a CCPA research associate and Board Member, sheds light on the growing income gap in Nova Scotia.

February 2, 2010