The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives turns 25

May 26, 2005

OTTAWA—Tomorrow, May 27, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives will be celebrating its 25th anniversary with a day-long conference and gala evening at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa.

The CCPA began in 1980 with a dream by a handful of academics and activists to create a think-tank that could provide a counterweight to the business-funded research agencies that were fuelling the neoliberal counterrevolution.  Today the Centre is one of Canada’s leading research institutions, with 11,000 individual and organizational members, offices in five provinces, and a large network of research associates.

As author Heather Menzies, a member of the first CCPA Board, said about its beginnings: “First a handful then a few dozen committed thinkers and activists hung in there, and now there are thousands contributing to and being nurtured by the deep and wide-ranging dialogue that the CCPA has become.”

The conference theme is “Living With Uncle: Canada-U.S. Relations in a Time of Empire.” The line-up of speakers includes: Lloyd Axworthy, Ed Broadbent, Avi Lewis, Majorie Griffin Cohen, Stephen Clarkson, and more.

Praise for the Centre has come from many quarters, including:

“The quality of its research is truly remarkable. The analysis is authoritative. The arguments are persuasive.” —Stephen Lewis.

“Without the CCPA, Canada’s intellectual life would be greatly diminished and our fight for justice so much harder.” —Maude Barlow.

“We are fortunate to have the CCPA there, giving us insights and illuminating a different path.”  —David Suzuki.

“Hope must be nourished like never before or it will be overtaken by fear. On behalf of the Douglas family, I want to thank the CCPA and its small group of dedicated staff for playing such a key role in keeping the dream of social justice alive.” —Shirley Douglas.

“The CCPA speaks truth to power. More importantly, it empowers the rest of us.”  —Mel Watkins.


For more information contact:

Kerri-Anne Finn, CCPA Communications Officer, 613-563-1341 x306