The Conservative government’s record comes under fire in new e-book

September 23, 2008

OTTAWA—Today the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) released The Harper Record, the most comprehensive analysis of the Conservative minority government’s record to date.

“Scheduled for broad release in early October, we are releasing the electronic version of this book today, to help Canadians make informed choices about the future of their country,” says CCPA Executive Director Bruce Campbell.

Edited by Canadian Labour Congress Researcher Teresa Healy, Ph.D., with contributions from 47 policy analysts and economists, The Harper Record documents in exhaustive detail the Conservative government’s performance over the last two-and-a-half years.

“Contrary to the general perception that this has been a moderate government, this book reveals that it, in fact, has taken significant steps to transform Canada in a very short time. Harper's very conservative vision has been advanced across a broad range of policies. It is a deeply troubling prelude of things to come,” says Healy.

Similar to previous CCPA evaluations of previous governments, this publication evaluates the Harper track record through a progressive lens.

The analysts find the Harper record falls woefully short when measured against the great challenges of our time: climate change, inequality and poverty, peace and stability, educating our children, protecting our health, and managing the economy.

The Harper Record is available for free download from the CCPA website:


For more information contact Kerri-Anne Finn, CCPA Communications Officer, at 613-563-1341 x306.

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