Manitoba Researach Alliance wins international award

June 14, 2013

Community Campus Partnerships of Health (CCPH) is delighted to announce the 12th recipient of the CCPH annual award, the Manitoba Research Alliance in Winnipeg.

The award highlights the power and potential of partnerships between communities and academic institutions as a strategy for health equity and social justice.

Selected from a highly competitive group of nominations from Canada, Australia and the United States, the Manitoba Research Alliance (MRA) has for over a decade been bringing together academics and community organizations to study and promote solutions to inner city and Aboriginal poverty, ill health and social exclusion. The MRA works to make concrete improvements in communities through a partnership of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Manitoba Universities, and community organizations and the provincial government. Through their involvement in the MRA, communities drive research priorities, the evaluation and selection of projects, the conduct of research and the dissemination of results.