Where do we stand with Uncle Sam?

November 17, 2006

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and James Lorimer & Co. Ltd. are pleased to announce the publication of Living with Uncle: Canada US Relations in an Age of Empire, a timely new book that offers fresh insights by leading thinkers on the complex challenges of living next door the superpower, with respect to Canadian independence, prosperity, identity and democracy.

Living with Uncle will help Canadians understand the forces pulling Canada ever deeper into the Fortress America, and how to ensure that we as a country can shape our own destiny both at home and in the world.

Contributors include: Marjorie Cohen, Ed Broadbent, Avi Lewis, Maureen Webb, Michael Byers, Diana Gibson, Dave Thompson, Lloyd Axworthy, Stephen Clarkson, Andrew Jackson, Maude Barlow, Marc Lee, Kent Roach, Jim Stanford, Mel Hurtig and Tony Clarke. The authors tackle key issues--energy, water, security and intelligence, civil liberties, social policy, economic and military integration--that will define the Canada-US relationship in the coming months and years.

About the editors:
Bruce Campbell is executive director of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.
Ed Finn is senior editor of the Canadian centre for Policy Alternatives.

Living With Uncle is available from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives for $24.95 (613-563-1341 ext.301 or online at: www.policyalternatives.ca).

Living With Uncle is also available from your local independent bookstore, or from James Lorimer & Co. Ltd. (www.lorimer.ca).