Working together for fairness is possible: CCPA-NS shows the way

August 28, 2013

Halifax, NS – The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives – Nova Scotia is pleased to release our latest report Working Together For Fairness.  The report critically analyzes the current government’s record in five policy areas over the past four years and makes recommendations for progressive next steps.

“We reviewed what the government’s has done on health care, jobs and the economy, poverty, occupational health & safety, and Nova Scotia Power,” says Christine Saulnier, an author of the report and Director of CCPA-NS.  “We have found the government has taken a different, and more progressive, approach to these five issues than previous governments.”

The report was funded by the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour based on issues identified by workers and their families as priorities for the next provincial election.

 “When it comes to occupational health and safety, the government has been willing to look at the root causes of the problem and has began to increase enforcement of safety rules – a major improvement over previous governments,” says Judy Haiven, an author of the report and Professor in the Sobey’s School of Business at Saint Mary’s University.

“Unemployment remains stubbornly high, but the government’s jobsHere strategy is beginning to bear fruit,” says Kyle Buott, an author of the report and Secretary-Treasurer of the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour. “By taking an interventionist approach to the economy and investing in capital improvements, social enterprises and direct equity stakes, the government has pursued a very different approach to economic development.”

“The CCPA-NS calls on all political parties to review this report and consider its progressive policy options.  We will continue to work to hold all parties accountable to principles of fairness and equity,” concludes Saulnier.


The report, Working Together for Fairness is available for download at www.policyalternatives. ca. 

To arrange media interviews call CCPA-NS Director, Christine Saulnier at 240-0926 (cell) or 477-1252 or email: [email protected] 

The CCPA-NS is an independent, non-partisan research institute concerned with issues of social and economic justice, as well as environmental sustainability.