2016 Atlantic Student Essay Contest Winner

This year we held our third annual Atlantic Student Essay Contest for students writing on any subject matter related to public policy in Atlantic Canada. Papers needed to take a critical approach and consider progressive policies that advance social and economic justice, and/or environmental sustainability, in any discipline, or in multi-disciplinary studies. We were very pleased with the quality and number of entrants to the essay contest. Many thanks to all who entered!

This year’s winning essay was written by Taylor Smith, a first year Master of Public Policy candidate at University of Toronto. Taylor wrote the prize-winning paper during her undergraduate studies at Dalhousie University. She graduated from Dalhousie in 2016, majoring with honours in Political Science and Sociology. She is principally interested in health policy, and is currently working for Canadian Doctors for Medicare as a policy consultant, exploring the implications of a two-tiered health system.

You can read the award winning essay below: 

Facing Accessibility Barriers: Mental Health and Canadian Youth, by Taylor Smith

Abstract: This paper argues that a more comprehensive and holistic approach needs to be taken within the public health policy sector to ensure Canadian youth and children suffering from mental health issues are provided with the access and resources they require at any stage of their illness.

2017 Atlantic Student Essay Contest

We are now accepting early entries for next year's essay contest! The contest is open to all students enrolled in post-secondary institutes in Atlantic Canada, and essays can address any subject matter related to public policy in Atlantic Canada. Deadline and details about the contest will be available shortly. In the mean time, please submit early entries or questions about the contest to CCPA-Nova Scotia at [email protected]