Alternative Federal Budget 2013: Coming soon!

More than ever, Canada needs a budget that allows us to take back our fu­ture and to restore a sense of the public good — a sense that we can do bet­ter togetherrather than continuing on the dead-end path of austerity and market-driv­en “solutions” that don’t benefit the major­ity of Canadians.

Since 1994, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives has produced such a vision. Each year, the Alternative Federal Budget (AFB) is created with the participation and support of researchers, activists, and a broad spectrum of civil society leadership — representing millions of people living in Canada.

The AFB is about demythologizing budget-making. It's about public accountability and collaboration. And it's about the millions of people living and working in Canada. This alternative vision demonstrates in a concrete and compelling way that by working together, we can do better. 

On March 12, the CCPA will release the 2013 Alternative Federal Budget. And this year, you can help!

Here's how: