Analysis of Saskatchewan's Renewal of Labour Legislation

Unions in a Democratic Society: A Response to the Consultation Paper on the Renewal of Labour Legislation in Saskatchewan, a new CCPA report by Christopher Schenk, critically reviews the contemplated changes to labour legislation proposed by the Saskatchewan government in their Consultation Paper on the Renewal of Labour Legislation in Saskatchewan. Despite claims by the government that the proposed changes merely seek to “modernize” labour legislation in the province, this report illustrates how the proposed changes will have the perverse effect of lowering wages, undermining workplace democracy and contributing to worsening inequality in Saskatchewan.

With similar legislation under consideration both federally and in other provinces, the success or failure of these proposed changes in Saskatchewan will have ramifications for workers’ rights throughout the country. Unions in a Democratic Society demonstrates the historic role of labour rights in advancing democracy, equality and economic justice in Canada and the danger all workers face should these rights be undermined.

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