BC’s Carbon Conundrum

The industry and government narrative that BC LNG will contribute to a global emissions reduction by displacing coal-fired electricity in Asia is not accurate, and in fact the reverse is actually true, says a new study titled BC’s Carbon Conundrum: Why LNG exports doom emissions-reduction targets and compromise Canada’s long-term energy security, by veteran earth scientist David Hughes. The study was released as a part of the Corporate Mapping Project. Beyond the serious implications for the climate emergency, the study raises many questions about the lack of benefits to Canadians in expanding the LNG export industry, including: land impacts, increased water use, limited benefit for taxpayers, fewer jobs than projected and higher future energy costs for Canadians.

This report is part of the Corporate Mapping Project, which is jointly led by the University of Victoria, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (BC & Saskatchewan offices) and the Parkland Institute. This research was supported by the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC).

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