Build an Early Learning and Child Care System

The Nova Scotia government allocates only 1% of the budget to the early years, which amounts to spending 0.24% of GDP on our most vulnerable community members, at the most important time of their lives. And this despite evidence that investing in a child care system not only supports early childhood development, it also creates jobs, fosters labour market participation and a skilled workforce, increases productivity, GDP and tax revenue, reduces poverty and income inequality, advances women's equality, and addresses population decline.

Read CCPA-NS' submission to the government to find out more about the problems and our recommendations for the way forward. You can also watch a clip of Tammy Findlay explaining why child care's complete absense in the Ivany report is a biase that will cost us deeply if we continue to neglect its importance for economic development. And if you missed it, read the full commentary about this issue.