Call for proposals: The Omatsu Files

Focused on equity, diversion, inclusion and anti-racism? We might publish your work!

The Monitor is a quarterly magazine focused on public policy, published by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA)—Canada’s leading progressive think tank. We are excited to announce the launch of The Omatsu Files and we are encouraging young researchers (under 40) to submit their article proposals.

About The Omatsu Files

The Omatsu Files is a space dedicated to the voices of young researchers from equity-deserving backgrounds who are focusing on issues of equity, diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism. 

The Omatsu Files are dedicated to the memory of Rick Omatsu, who was born in 1939 in Vancouver, on the cusp of WWII. As a Japanese Canadian, in 1942 Rick was sent with his family to an internment camp in the B.C. interior as part of a sweeping program targeting all Japanese Canadians as enemies of the state. After the war, the government forced Rick’s family to leave the province. They relocated to Hamilton, Ontario, where Rick remained until his passing at age 82. 

Proposal guidelines

Approved articles will be published on the CCPA’s website and some will be published in our print magazine, the Monitor. 

Article length: 650-1,200 words

Article focus: Articles must focus on Canadian public policies or emerging issues that impact Indigenous Peoples, racialized people, immigrants, migrant workers, women and gender-diverse people, 2SLGTBQ+ communities, people with disabilities, and/or other marginalized groups. Articles should be written from a progressive standpoint, they must be factual and evidence-based, and they should be written for a broad audience.

Proposal outline: Proposals should be short (no longer than 300 words in length). They should state the main thesis of the article and make the case for the article’s relevance to The Omatsu Files series. Please include information about yourself, your line of study/research, and relevant experience. Proposals are accepted on an ongoing basis and will be reviewed by Monitor editors for consideration within two weeks of receipt. We encourage new writers and researchers to consider submitting a proposal—our editorial team is happy to mentor new voices on these issues. The editorial team reserves the right to decline proposals and to decline publication of accepted articles if they do not meet the editorial standards of the Monitor

Please submit your proposal to [email protected]

Payment: Authors whose proposals are accepted will receive $500 upon completion of the article, including the editing process.