CCPA releases Alternative Federal Budget 2013

On March 12th, the CCPA released the Alternative Federal Budget 2013: Doing Better Together. This year's AFB shows how growth-killing austerity can be replaced by a plan that strengthens the economy, leads to a better quality of life for all Canadians, and eliminates the deficit by 2016. 

This year's Alternative Federal Budget:

  • reduces poverty and inequality by investing in child care, pharmacare, affordable housing, income supports, and post-secondary education,
  • tackles the ongoing crisis for First Nations housing, drinking water, education,
  • implements a long term, transparent and public plan for investments in infrastructure,
  • creates 300,000 jobs, lowering the unemployment rate to 6% by 2014, and
  • introduces a new top personal income tax bracket, closes the biggest tax loopholes, and introduces a withholding tax on tax havens.

The full budget document, a budget-in-brief, and infographics are available in both English and French at

Senior Economist Armine Yalnizyan recently appeared on CBC Toronto's Metro Morning to discuss the Alternative Federal Budget. You can listen to the discussion, here.