Collaborating for municipal tax reform

Collaborating for municipal tax reform.

This is a first. We have partnered with the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies, and the Nova Scotia Chambers of Commerce to ask that the Province of Nova Scotia undertake a study into the potential for a shift from municipal property taxes to municipal income taxes as the principal source of municipal revenue. The three organizations have each released reports that reach similar conclusions: the property tax system is flawed, inefficient, and unfair.

Read the full press release with links to all of these reports.

Read the CCPA-NS primer on why we support a move to municipal income tax.

The CCPA-NS first floated the idea of a Refunded Municipal Income Tax in our2012 Alternative Provincial budget. We called again for the ReMit again in our first ever Alternative Municipal Budget for HRM 2012.

Here is some of the media coverage of the ReMit: