Continuing collaboration for municipal tax reform

CCPA-NS is continuing its work, in partnership with The Atlantic Institute for Market Studies and the Nova Scotia Chambers of Commerce, to ask that the Province of Nova Scotia undertake a study into the potential for a shift from municipal property taxes to municipal income taxes as the principal source of municipal revenue.  The three organizations have each released reports that reach similar conclusions: the property tax system is flawed, inefficient, and unfair.

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Recent media coverage of the proposal:

The Chronicle Herald, Stephenson: An income tax won’t cure HRM woes.                

The Chronicle Herald, Stephenson: Municipal tax reform a hot potato for Savage, Dexter.

Global Maritimes: Nova Scotia Evening New News: Feb. 25, (start at 7:20).

The Chronicle Herald, Fraser: Income tax plan touted.

The Chronicle Herald, Editorial: Time for homework on municipal tax reform.


Read the original press release with links to all of these reports.

Read the CCPA-NS primer on why we support a move to municipal income tax.

The CCPA-NS first floated the idea of a Refunded Municipal Income Tax in our2012 Alternative Provincial Budget. We called again for the ReMit again in our first ever Alternative Municipal Budget for HRM 2012.