Countering austerity: new CCPA-Ontario resources

The CCPA-Ontario office hosted a full-day session at Ryerson University in Toronto on January 9, 2013. The session focused on countering the austerity agenda in this province and beginning the conversation about what a post-austerity agenda could look like.

Alex Himelfarb asked Canadians to imagine an alternative to austerity budgets in his keynote address, transcribed here.

CCPA economist Hugh Mackenzie schooled the room on the manufactured deficit crisis. Watch the video here, and click below to view the slides from Hugh's presentation:

Beyond Austerity in Ontario

CAW economist Jim Stanford, the CCPA-Ontario's Advisory Board chair, showed how the austerity response to the 2008 recession has negative side effects on the economy and contributes to the weakness in Ontario's labour market. Watch the video of Jim's presentation here, and click below to view his PowerPoint slides:

Addressing the Deficit's Root Cause and Putting Ontario Back to Work

Finally, CCPA-Ontario Director Trish Hennessy summarized the day's core message in a two-minute video blog (originally posted on Watch the video here.