Critical Mass: A primer for social change

The spring 2011 issue of Our Schools / Our Selves -- Critical Mass: A primer for social change comes at a pivotal time in our political and social development. It tries to get at a few key questions many of us have been struggling with, even before the results of a federal election that left the country highly polarized. How can we build on our past successes while harnessing the remarkable energy and creativity in the social justice movement in such a way that we can create meaningful and sustained progress --politically, economically and socially? And with increasing social fragmentation that is often cynically exploited for short-term partisan gain, how can we learn to work with our debates and our differences and our conflicts and our debates, and not let them tear us apart?

The stakes are extremely high and the task is not easy. But if we succeed, there is little doubt it will make our movement(s) stronger, more responsive, more inclusive and, ultimately, more resilient in the face of neoliberal oppression and opposition.

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