Education is a public good

Hundreds of students across the province came together on February 1st for the Canadian Federation of Students' Day of Action to protest Nova Scotia’s continuing erosion of funding for higher education.  The average Nova Scotian graduate leaves university with $30,000 in accumulated debt, a number that will continue to rise with recently-announced cuts.  Tuition for some programs in the province will go up by as much as 3% next year.

Laura Penny, professor and author of multiple books, including “More Money Than Brains: Why School Sucks, College is Crap, and Idiots Think They're Right,” spoke to the crowd of hundreds.  See Penny speak at the 4th Annual CCPA-NS Fundraiser in October 2011, here.

In April 2011, CCPA-NS released a study entitled, “Fairness, Funding and our Collective Future: A Way Forward for Post-secondary Education in Nova Scotia.”  The authors call on the government to stop underestimating both the individual cost of pursuing a post-secondary education as well as the benefits to society as a whole.  Read their recommendations, here.