Federal budget tosses crumbs to Canadians, bread to Harper's pet projects

The CCPA’s leading economists find this year’s federal budget obscures the true cost of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s plan to balance the books while favouring Harper’s pet projects over Canadians’ priorities.

“For every dollar the Harper budget allocates to Canadians’ priorities—such as helping seniors and cleaning up the environment—it devotes 7.5 dollars for Conservative priorities such as jails and corporate tax cuts,” says CCPA Alternative Federal Budget Coordinator David Macdonald.

“The needs of most Canadians are neglected due to reckless spending on Conservative pet projects,” Macdonald says. “Canadians should be warned: deep spending cuts that will affect the services they need are on the horizon. The government isn’t revealing where the pain is going to come.” Read the full CCPA reaction to the budget here.