Forward to Fairness: Nova Scotia Alternative Budget 2012

CCPA-NS brings together academics and community partners to assemble its Alternative Budget for 2012. This document shows Nova Scotians that minor changes in government spending could have a major impact on the health and wellness of its population. Putting the welfare of the province's citizens first, the NSAB projects a potentially balanced budget by 2014 without sacrificing services that Nova Scotians rely on. The NSAB's prescriptions would move Nova Scotia in the right direction: forward to fairness.

“Our budget protects programs while increasing revenues, primarily through increased upper-end income taxes. This budget does not pose a risk to the province’s delicate recovery by imposing austerity measures that will result in job losses. Rather, it continues to build our social and physical infrastructure and invest in our communities and our people where it is most needed.”

Read the full Nova Scotia Alternative Budget 2012

The following media outlets covered the NSAB: Global Maritimes (start at 7:00), The Cape Breton Post, The Chronicle Herald, The Canadian Press (Hosted by, The Halifax Media Co-op, and the Halifax Media Co-op (on youth).

Accomplished author Stephen Kimber also commented on the NSAB, here.