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If you live in Ontario, you may have recently been selected to receive our 2017 grassroots poll on vital issues affecting the province. Your answers to these and other essential questions will help us decide what issues to focus on as we head towards the June 2018 election in Ontario.

For decades, the CCPA has been hard at work in Ontario and across the country to ensure a more just and sustainable society. Each year our work reaches millions of people through thousands of media stories on critical issues. These are issues that affect your life personally, and range from jobs and the economy to health care and housing. We deliver well-documented research that can help set government priorities and improve public policy decisions.

We’re working hard to build a decent, more equitable Ontario—but we can’t do it without you.

Your opinions and your support can help make a difference in the upcoming election. Your response will help the CCPA focus our work, ensuring the issues most important to you will be prominent going into the June 2018 provincial election.

If you haven’t been selected to participate in our grassroots poll, please consider supporting our work by making a donation today. You’ll help us provide ambitious, creative solutions to social, environmental, and economic problems. And you’ll help us present well-reasoned, progressive positions to both politicians and the public. Click here to donate.