Indigenous children face deplorable poverty

A new study, released by the CCPA and Save the Children Canada, finds that 40% of Indigenous children in Canada are living in poverty. The report, authored by CCPA Senior Economist David Macdonald and Indigenous rights advocate Daniel Wilson, finds that Indigenous children in Canada are over two and a half times more likely to live in poverty than non-Indigenous children—and that they trail the rest of Canada’s children on practically every measure of well-being, including: family income, educational attainment, water quality, infant mortality, health, suicide, crowding and homelessness.

Regionally, the situation is even worse in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, where two out of three status First Nations children live in poverty. Our map below traces child poverty rates across Canada. Please note that the Atlantic and territorial numbers could not be specified as the data sets were too small to be statistically reliable at this level. They are rolled up in the other figures, but couldn't be broken down for the regional description.

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From Bad to Worse: Child Poverty in Canada

Find out more in the full report, Poverty or Prosperity: Indigenous children in Canada.

Watch an interview with the study's co-author David Macdonald on CTV News, here.