A Living Wage for Regina

A Living Wage for Regina is $16.46/per hour.

While Saskatchewan’s economy has outperformed the rest of the country for the past
few years, many underserved groups have not benefitted from the province’s
economic expansion. The adoption of a Living Wage by Saskatchewan municipalities and
employers would offer a chance to more equally share the benefits of a booming
economy. The income security derived from the Living Wage benefits not only workers,
but their families as well, improving health and child development outcomes.
Moreover, the Living Wage can be a boon to local business, drastically reducing
absenteeism and employee turnover, enhancing brand reputation and customer loyalty
and providing privileged access to a new market of Living Wage employers. Lastly,
the Living Wage can improve the health of our local economies by injecting
much-needed income into the hands of low-income earners who will immediately turn
around and purchase local goods and services.

We know that the costs to adopt the Living Wage are negligible and are far
outweighed by the positive impacts on our families, business and communities.
Adopting a Living Wage is one way we can restore a measure of fairness and dignity
to our economic system. We hope that this initial report on the Living Wage for the
City of Regina can spark a successful Living Wage movement throughout Saskatchewan.

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