Mobility pricing must be fair and equitable for all

As Metro Vancouver’s population has grown, so have its traffic congestion problems. Whether it’s a long wait to cross a bridge or get on a bus, everyone can relate to the additional time and stress caused by a transportation system under strain.

Mobility pricing is seen as a solution to Metro Vancouver’s transportation challenges with the current conversation largely about implementing new charges for private vehicles for use of public infrastructure.

The authorities responsible for Metro Vancouver’s transportation network appointed an independent commission to evaluate and make recommendations for Metro Vancouver. Its final report is due in Spring 2018 and will focus on three central objectives: 

  • Managing congestion.
  • Promoting fairness.
  • Supporting investment in the transportation system.

This report makes recommendations for developing a fair mobility-pricing system, including:

  • Address low income with a credit.
  • Expand public transit first.
  • Level the playing field with other modes of transportation.

Read the report.