New interactive tool on tuition fees in Canada

CCPA's latest research innovation is an interactive map that shows you how paying for full-time undergraduate university has changed since 1975, across provinces, and across faculties. It helps you visualize the answers to questions like: With so many more people going to university, is the experience getting more similar or more dissimilar across Canada? How much more do students today have to work today to pay for school? Were the differences between faculties always this big? You may be surprised by the answers, and by the unique stories from each province and each course of study. There are literally thousands of stories to be uncovered in the data that populate these maps. 

The Tuition Map Project invites you into the data wheelhouse and steer your way from questions to answers. The graphics animate the trends and comparisons. You can also dig deeper by downloading spreadsheets. Whether you're in university or not, we're hoping to unleash your curiosity about the country we live in; how it's changing; and how we could shape change.

Click here to take a look.