New resources on income inequality

Several reports have been released recently that continue to expose the persistent problem of income inequality in Canada.

The latest Vanier Institute report on the state of families in Canada predicts "the effects of the current economic downturn will be felt around the kitchen table for years to come".

It warns that household spending and debt are rising faster than incomes; that debt loads are "in the danger zone"; and that unattached adults are the country's "forgotten poor".

The report, written by Roger Sauve, is available at:

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives released its Alternative Federal Budget (AFB), which provides a comprehensive approach to reducing poverty and income inequality in Canada. It calls on the federal government to take leadership by committing to reduce poverty in Canada by 25% in the next five years.

A new Quebec report examines income inequality in that province and in Canada: 

 -- Trish Hennessy