Nova Scotia budget ignores real problems, lacks vision

Yesterday, the Nova Scotia government released a provincial budget that shocked and concerned many. Instead of a proactive budget, the government whipped up hysteria about the deficit and debt problems, and did not address the real problems we face as a province, including poverty, illiteracy, lack of regulated affordable, quality child care and our worsening infrastructure deficit.

In a new blog post, Christine Saulnier, director of CCPA's Nova Scotia office, analyzes the budget and explains why the priorities of this government are misplaced. Read her response here: NS Budget 2015: Ignores Real Problems, Lacks Vision.

Also, in case you missed it, CCPA-NS recently published a series of 'budget watch' primers to help Nova Scotians better understand the government’s budgetary decisions. The primers answer important questions about the province's fiscal choices, how tax changes might affect Nova Scotians and their communities, and the gender implications of the budget.

Read all three primers here: Nova Scotia Budget Watch 2015.