Nova Scotian workers need improved standards

“Workers in Nova Scotia are worse off economically than they were a quarter century ago.  For the most part, this deterioration in wages happened at the same time that the economy of the province vigorously increased the wealth it generated.” 

A new report released by CCPA-NS Research Associates Kyle Buott, Larry Haiven and Judy Haiven describes these trends, and why they are happening, in detail.  Their study, titled “Labour Standards Reform in Nova Scotia: Reversing the War Against Workers,” goes on to provide prescriptions for how labour standards can be improved to move the province forward.  Read the report, here.

They also published an article in the Chronicle Herald, briefly describing the study, which can be found here.

The Chronicle Herald covered Premier Derrell Dexter's response to the study, here. contributor Jason Edwards also covered the study, and his post can be found here.