Round-up: Bill C-377

A round-up of the latest updates and analysis of Bill C-377:

  • Two Saskatechewan academics have argued that a 2011 Nanos Research poll (commissioned by Labour Watch) does not accurately reflect the public's opinion about the need for unions to disclose information about their finances. This Vancouver Sun article explains. 
  • Read the CLC's letter to Senators explaining why Bill C-377 should be quashed.  Arguments include those based in law, the issue of provincial jurisdiction, It includes excerpts from letters from Provincial Ministers and many groups that are not connected to labour, such as the Canadian Bar Association, who also think the Bill is gravely flawed.
  • has posted a quick, well-informed response to the bill by CUPE's Senior Economist Toby Sanger, which includes helpful links to background information. The article, Twelve reasons union-busting Bill C-377 is the worst, notes that twelve Conservative Senators need to vote against the bill to defeat it—and offers twelve reasons why they should. 
  • The Globe and Mail offers an update on the status of Bill C-377 in the article, Conservative-dominated Senate blocks union disclosure bill. Senator Hugh Segal's amendments now have to be considered by the House of Commons; this won't happen until September at the earliest.