SaskNotes: The Government of Canada's Legacy of Contamination in Northern Saskatchewan Watersheds


uranium cityBeaverlodge Lake, a 57 square kilometer water body, and three other watersheds in northern Saskatchewan are seriously contaminated with uranium and selenium. Most of the contamination dates back to the 1952-1982 period when Eldorado Nuclear Ltd., a federal crown corporation, operated uranium mines and a uranium mill east of Uranium City. The Government of Canada is now making plans to transfer the mined-out properties back to the Province of Saskatchewan without completing adequate remediation and decontamination.

Authors Peter Prebble and Ann Coxworth suggest that the Government of Canada, having contaminated these sites, should assume full responsibility for their remediation, prior to turning the properties back to the Province of Saskatchewan. Moreover, as a matter of public policy, the Government of Saskatchewan should insist that mined-out properties be properly remediated before being returned. This is a case study in the high cost of inadequate environmental regulation. Read the complete report here.