A challenge to BC’s leadership candidates: dare to be bold and to tell us the truth

On our Policy Note blog, Seth Klein suggests a new approach for BC leadership hopefuls: "As a number of fundamental crises become more apparent (ecological and economic, not to mention the democratic deficit), the public is looking for bold ideas and bold leadership. Sadly, too many political strategists (as they will confess in private company) operate on the assumption that the public cannot handle the truth; that any politician that speaks honestly of the scope of the challenges we face, and some of the major changes (and short-term sacrifices) meeting these challenges will entail, will be punished by the electorate. And so, those contesting political office are most inclined to say what they think people want to hear. The result is the political equivalent of pablum.

"Well, here’s a very different proposition: the leader and party who gets out ahead of the crises we face – who articulates an understanding of their severity, matched by a willingness to meet these challenges with bold solutions and rally us to action – will be politically rewarded."

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