We’re paying for $7/day child care, so why is only one province getting it?

Families in Canada deserve affordable child care, but costs vary widely across Canada. Many Canadians don’t know that Quebec has the least expensive child care in the country at $7.30/day. Quebec’s fixed fee puts the province at the top of the list for child care affordability, meanwhile in big cities like Toronto, parents pay $49/day, and in Vancouver it's $41 a day (for toddlers/preschoolers).

Here’s the kicker, Quebec spends $2 billion each year on $7/day childcare. In 2015, the federal government will spend $7 billion on the Universal Child Care Benefit (UCCB) and income splitting—untargeted programs that won't create a single child care space. That $7 billion would buy the rest of the country the same $7/day childcare program as Quebec.

This means that the government is investing in child care solutions that only serve a fraction of the country. For the same cost, they could be helping a lot more families.

Read more in our blog post, We’re paying for $7/day child care, so why is only one province getting it?, and check out our infographic below to learn more about the differences between the government's approach to family policies and a national $7/day child care plan.