Weathering the storm: is this the end of CRA’s political activities audits?

Yesterday, following a panel’s recommendation to allow charities more freedom to speak out, the federal government decided to suspend the Canada Revenue Agency’s controversial political activities audit program.

Indeed this is good news for Canadian charities. Everyone at the CCPA is proud of the role our organization has played in challenging these audits and in drawing attention to the chill effect they had on environmental and social justice organizations However, the CCPA still awaits closure on its own political audit.

The CCPA was one of dozens of charitable organizations targeted by the previous federal government for a political audit. We have devoted four years of resources and finances to defend our right to live up to our charitable mandate.

We are deeply grateful to all who have helped us—and continue to help us—weather this storm. Our committed donors have been crucial in allowing the CCPA to stand up for democratic debate and engagement, and stand strong in our commitment to being a fearless voice for social, economic and environmental justice. We are also particularly grateful to CCPA's former Executive Director Bruce Campbell for his leadership on this issue.

The storm hasn’t cleared just yet. But we look forward to direct confirmation that the CCPA’s audit, which has been ongoing since 2013, is being suspended. Maybe then we can get back to the important work of charting a course toward a progressive Canada, without distraction.

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