What are Canada’s energy options in a carbon-constrained world?

Canada faces some very difficult choices in maintaining energy security while meeting emissions reduction targets. 

A new study by veteran earth scientist David Hughes—published through the Corporate Mapping Project, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and the Parkland Institute—is a comprehensive assessment of Canada’s energy systems in light of the need to maintain energy security and deal with climate change.

The study serves as a definitive guide to Canada’s current energy realities and their implications for a sustainable future. It takes a detailed look at Canadian energy consumption, renewable and non-renewable energy supply, the state of Canada’s resources and revenues, and what it all means for emissions-reduction planning.

Canada's Energy Outlook: Current realities and implications for a carbon-constrained future can be found at energyoutlook.ca.

The study is also available at: policyalternatives.ca/energy-outlook