What does it take to make ends meet in Toronto?

It takes a lot for working parents to get by in Toronto, especially when you consider what it actually costs to rent an apartment, pay hydro bills, own a vehicle, take the TTC, buy groceries, and pay for child care.

This past Friday, we released Making Ends Meet, a report written by CCPA-Ontario economist Kaylie Tiessen. The report draws on a national living wage methodological framework to reflect a living wage in Toronto in 2015, and finds that two working parents with two children need to each earn a minimum of $18.52 an hour just to make ends meet in Toronto.

Here's a quick round-up of news stories about our living wage report:

If you’ve already read the report, check out our factsheet, Ten Facts About Toronto's Living Wage or watch our living wage video below: 

CCPA-Ontario Economist Kaylie Tiessen explains the concept of a living wage, considers what it takes to make ends meet in Toronto, and speaks with living wage employers and employees in the city.