Without change in public policy, Canada's gender gap will persist

The coming weeks will see women and men graduating in nearly equal numbers from schools across Canada. By the time those women and men reach their 30s, they will see the gap between their incomes and their share of paid work widen. This pattern will continue throughout their working lives. The women of the class of 2013 can look forward to lower rates of promotion at work, less stable work, and diminished retirement security. They will occupy less than a quarter of the senior leadership positions in the public and political sectors.

A new study, by CCPA research associate Kate McInturff, finds that Canada's progress in closing the gap between women and men in the areas of political and economic empowerment has slowed nearly to a standstill. Unless we do something differently, we won't be able to promise equality to the class of 2013 or any other graduating class for the next 228 years.

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