Updates from the CCPA

In Toronto's NOW magazine, CCPA-Ontario Senior Economist Sheila Block explains why Toronto needs to prepare for a housing market correction.
July 5, 2016 | Ontario Office
We are often told that the solution to poverty is for the poor to “get a job” or for various sectors to create more jobs. But our latest study finds that a job is not a guaranteed path out of poverty...
June 28, 2016 | BC Office
In an op-ed for the Toronto Star, CCPA-Ontario Director Trish Hennessy and Ontario Living Wage Network Coordinator Tom Cooper take a look at the growing living wage movement in Ontario and beyond. 
June 13, 2016 | Ontario Office
After two years of seesaw negotiations, Canada, the United States and Mexico signed a new North American trade agreement to replace NAFTA on November 30, 2018. The USMCA (or CUSMA in Canada) still...
May 31, 2016 | National Office
Read how six social enterprises in Manitoba with 194 workers, create pride through decent work in this new study.
May 26, 2016 | Manitoba Office
Metro Vancouver’s growing housing affordability crisis is widening the gap between the rich and poor, and requires a multi-pronged response that would restrict absentee ownership, increase affordable...
May 18, 2016 | BC Office
A living wage has been calculated for London, Ontario, and in order to provide food, clothing, housing, transportation, child care, and other basic living expenses for their family of four, a pair of...
May 17, 2016 | Ontario Office
The April 8th presentation was recorded by CBC Ideas and aired on May 10th. Listen here. Read the full text of Naomi Klein’s speech from April 8th, 2016.  In her first visit to Winnipeg since 1999,...
May 10, 2016 | Manitoba Office
BC has some of the longest waits in Canada for key surgical procedures. The latest study from our BC office sets out detailed recommendations for reducing these waits. The authors also raise concerns...
April 26, 2016 | BC Office
The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives' Nova Scotia Office (CCPA-NS) is pleased to announce the launch of the 2016 Atlantic Student Essay Contest. The contest is open to all students enrolled in...
April 21, 2016 | Nova Scotia Office
The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives is pleased to announce the appointment of Peter Bleyer as its new Executive Director. Peter has extensive experience leading the growth and development of...
April 14, 2016 | National Office
If you're concerned about poverty, housing, childcare, pensions, jobs, and want to vote with information you can trust, the E-Book will help you gain clarity. 
April 14, 2016 | Manitoba Office
In Toronto's NOW Magazine, CCPA-Ontario senior economist Sheila Block covered key elements of the 2016 Federal Budget. Read it here.
March 24, 2016 | Ontario Office
In the Toronto Star, CCPA Executive Director Peter Bleyer and CCPA-Ontario Director Trish Hennessy wrote an op-ed on the federal budget's step forward. Read it here.
March 24, 2016 | Ontario Office
Watch this space for response and analysis of the federal budget from CCPA staff and our Alternative Federal Budget partners. More information will be added as it is available. Commentary and...
March 22, 2016 | National Office