BC Research Associates

The CCPA-BC works with a network of academic, community-based and freelance researchers. Many are available to give talks or provide media commentary. For more information, or to arrange media interviews or speaking engagements, contact Jean Kavanagh, 604-801-5121 x250 or [email protected]

Lynell Anderson, Researcher
Child care policy and financing; child and family services 

Leonora C. Angeles, Associate Professor, Community and Regional Planning and Women’s and Gender Studies, UBC
Public engagement and social integration of immigrants in Canada; Filipino-Canadian social, economic, health and political issues; Canadian development assistance to Southeast Asian countries, especially the Philippines

Clifford Atleo, Assistant Professor, Resource and Environmental Management, SFU
Indigenous governance; resource management, economic development, Indigenous-Settler relations

Liz Blackwood, Researcher, CUPE
Post-secondary and K-12 education; international trade and investment agreements; FDI and extractive industries; privatization; precarious work; public services; globalization; inequality and poverty

Paul Bowles, Professor, Dept. of Economics, UNBC        
International economic relations; globalization; East Asian development; Northern BC economy; currency union; casual workers; post-secondary funding

Vanessa Brcic, Family physician, UBC researcher, executive board member with Canadian Doctors for Medicare
Health inequities; health determinants in primary care; primary health care reform; public vs private health care reform

Gwen Brodsky, Lawyer; Co-Director, Poverty and Human Rights Project
Economic inequality and poverty as a human rights issue; Canada's international human rights obligations; social program restructuring and its impact on women and other politically marginalized groups

Shauna Butterwick, Associate Professor, Dept. of Educational Studies, UBC
Women and labour market training; life skills training; adult education; feminist policy analysis; welfare policy; community-based and action-oriented research

Michael Byers, Professor, Dept. of Political Science, UBC   
International politics; international law and human rights law; Canadian foreign policy; Canada-US relations; Canada’s north and climate change

John Calvert, Associate Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, SFU   
Electricity policy; labour policy; Crown corporations; health policy and international trade

Duncan Cameron, Former CCPA National President; Professor of Political Science, SFU
Canadian dollar and monetary policy; fiscal policy; economic policy; Canada-US relations; IMF; G8

Maxwell Cameron, Professor, Dept. of Political Science, UBC
Canadian foreign policy; democracy and civil rights in Latin America; NAFTA

William Carroll, Professor, Dept. of Sociology, UVic       
Corporate power and concentration; progressive social movements and social justice; globalization and social justice

Alan Cassels, Researcher        
Prescription drug policy; BC Pharmacare; BC Reference Drug Program; pharmaceutical issues relating to media and consumers

Jonathan Chapnick, Director, Human Resources & Labour Relations, RainCity Housing
Workplace law and policy; mental health and substance use; statutory human rights schemes; privacy and medical information

Rita Chudnovsky, BC Child Care Advocacy Forum
Child care policy; children and youth policy

Marcy Cohen, Researcher
Health care policy; home and long term care; P3s; privatization and contracting out; pay equity; democratic governance

Marjorie Griffin Cohen, Professor of Political Science and Women’s Studies, SFU
BC Hydro and energy policy; deregulation; trade liberalization; globalization and its impacts on minorities and women; Canadian economy and labour force; banking and financial regulation; provincial budgets

Shelagh Day, Human Rights Consultant; Co-Director, Poverty and Human Rights Project
Human rights; BC Human Rights Code; women's equality; constitutional equality rights; women and economic policy; impact of social spending cuts on women; welfare and poverty law; international human rights

Chuka Ejeckam, Researcher
Labour policy; drug policy; political and economic inequality; racial and structural inequity; lobbying and political financing

David Fairey, Director, Trade Union Research Bureau        
Economic policy; privatization and contracting out; BC labour code; employment standards; public pensions; industrial/labour relations; municipal finance

Colleen Fuller, Researcher        
Health care and pharmaceutical policy; privatization; public and private health insurance; trade/globalization and health care; health industry investors

Maya Gislason, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, SFU
Social and health inequities; climate and health impacts; public and community impacts of resource development

Ellen Gould, Researcher        
International trade agreements; WTO; General Agreement on Trade and Services (GATS); trade agreements and municipalities

David Green, Professor, Dept. of Economics, UBC        
Labour market policy; minimum wage; unemployment insurance; earnings and income inequality

Shane Gunster, Associate Professor, School of Communication, SFU
Environmental communication, with a particular focus upon news coverage and advocacy communication about the politics of climate change and energy.

Penny Gurstein, Director and Professor, School of Community and Regional Planning, UBC   
Social policy for low-income communities; Downtown Eastside housing and community development; making communities safe and inclusive for children and youth; social implications of telework

Bob Hackett, Professor, School of Communication, SFU   
Media coverage analysis; media ownership and concentration

Herb Hammond, Forest ecologist and ecosystem planner
Forest land use; ecologically sustainable forestry; community economics, planning and sustainability; eco-system planning with Aboriginal communities

Kathryn Harrison, Professor of Political Science, UBC
Environmental and climate change policy; carbon pricing/taxes; Canadian federalism; LNG and coal exports; politics of pipelines

David Hughes, Earth Scientist, Geological Survey of Canada (retired), principal of Global Sustainability Research
Energy sustainability, unconventional oil and gas, coal, renewables, climate change, geopolitical issues related to energy

Iglika Ivanova (Staff), Public Interest Researcher, CCPA-BC   
Health care; education; public services; P3s; income inequality; minimum wage; child care; immigrants in the labour market

Seth Klein, former director, CCPA–BC         
Provincial and federal budgets; Alternative Federal Budget; taxes; welfare policy and cuts; BC tax and spending cuts; BC economy; employment standards; poverty and inequality; living wage

Larry Kuehn, Director of Research, BC Teachers’ Federation
Education policy; technology and education; globalization, FTAA and education; performance requirements

Marc Lee (Staff), Senior Economist, CCPA–BC
BC economy; BC tax and spending cuts; federal and provincial budgets; inequality and poverty; industrial policy; globalization; trade and investment agreements; climate change and social justice; municipal housing policy 

Andrew Longhurst, Research and Policy Analyst, Health Sciences Association of BC
Health care policy; privatization; labour market change and temp work; housing policy; gentrification; sub/urban homelessness, poverty and drug policy

Fiona MacPhail, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Economics, UNBC        
Income inequality; EI reform and its impact on women and youth; socio-economic determinants of health; minimum wage

Geoff Mann, Professor, Dept. of Geography, SFU
Labour (and race/gender issues in labour markets); macroeconomic policy; monetary policy; natural resources; resource-dependent communities

Arlene McLaren, Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Sociology and Anthropology, SFU   
Educational policy (school choice); feminist policy analysis; immigration and women; mandatory retirement and women; farmworkers’ working conditions; home support workers

Kendra Milne, Senior Director of Policy, Planning & Government Relations, Canadian Mental Health Association, BC Division
Poverty law: housing, income assistance, disability benefits

Gerardo Otero, Professor of Sociology and Latin American Studies, SFU   
Migrant and immigrant farmworkers’ labour rights and work conditions; neoliberal globalization and biotechnology in Latin America; NAFTA and agriculture and labour policy

Karen Palmer, Health policy researcher; Lecturer/Practicum Coordinator, Faculty of Health Sciences, SFU   
Public/universal health care; comparative Canadian-US health policy; international health

Erin Pritchard, Lawyer
Residential tenancy law; welfare and disability access law

Peter Prontzos, Faculty Emeritus, Political Science, Langara College    
International relations; peace and conflict studies; globalization and trade; democratic governance and proportional representation; poverty and inequality

Jane Pulkingham, Professor of Sociology, SFU        
Employment and income security policy; impacts of social and economic policy on women

Jim Quail, Lawyer
Labour and employment law; energy law and policy; BC Hydro; privacy and access to information

Blair Redlin, Researcher   
Transportation policy; P3s; infrastructure; municipal affairs and policy; labour policy and employment standards; job creation strategies; trade

Keith Reynolds, Researcher    
Privatization; P3s; municipal government and finance

Robin Roff, Researcher, UBC Faculty Association
Privatization and contracting out; P3s; food and water policy; biotechnology; localization and small scale food production; global agri-business

Kathleen Ruff, Researcher
Human rights; international human rights conventions; trade in hazardous materials; food sovereignty

Suzanne Smythe, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education, SFU
Education solutions; tracing privatization policies in education and implications for a living wage, equitable social spending and democratic governance

Marylee Stephenson, Researcher
Labour market trends; homelessness; women’s issues; eco-tourism/parks

Kendra Strauss, Assistant Professor of Labour Studies, SFU
Labour market changes; pensions; precarious work; temporary foreign workers; migration; unfree and forced labour

Mark Thompson, Professor Emeritus, Sauder School of Business, UBC
Changing roles for labour and management in public services; treatment of safety and health issues in arbitration; impact of NAFTA labour accords and the management of industrial relations; regionalism in Canadian industrial relations

Jason Tockman, Senior Policy Analyst, Mental Health and Wellness, First Nations Health Authority
Indigenous rights and reconciliation, mental health and substance use, natural resources and the environment

Hannah Wittman, Associate Professor, Faculty of Land and Food Systems, UBC
Food sovereignty, agriculture and climate change, local food systems, agrarian citizenship

Margot Young, Associate Professor of Law, UBC    
Equality rights; economic inequality and poverty as a human rights law issue; Canada's international human rights obligations; women and the law; constitutional law; social welfare law

Habiba Zaman, Professor, Dept. of Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies, SFU
Recent immigrants and employment standards; immigrant settlement; Asian immigrants to Canada and their work experience

Mike Zlotnik, Education Policy Consultant        
Privatization of education; education, quality indicators and democratic values; child poverty; peace education