A Good Jobs Economy in BC Conference

On Friday, November 21, 2014, CCPA-BC hosted a one-day conference called “A Good Jobs Economy in BC”, with support from the BC Federation of Labour, the Centre for Global Political Economy and the Progressive Economics Forum. The following papers were presented at the conference. Please note that these papers are not CCPA publications and have not been peer-reviewed. (Where there is no link, the paper is not currently available for public download.) 

You can also read Seth Klein's summary of the key ideas presented at the conference.

  • A Gateway to Good Jobs? Opening up the conversation 
    Peter Hall (Simon Fraser University)
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  • Highlights from the National Good Jobs Summit
    Jim Stanford (Unifor)
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  • A Pivot to Manufacturing Jobs in BC:  Imagining What it Would Take
    Ken McFarlane
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  • How Government Support for Social Enterprise Can Reduce Poverty and Green House Gasses
    Lynne Fernandez (CCPA-MB)
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  • Building Good Jobs, Cooperatively
    Kevin Harding (BC Co-operative Association)
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  • Growing Good Agricultural Jobs in BC
    Jessica Dennis, Anelyse Weiler and Hannah Wittman
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  • How Public Sector Jobs Can Foster Community Economies
    Janet Newbury
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  • $10/day Child Care Advances Good Jobs Economy for BC
    Lynell Anderson (Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC)
  • The Role of BC’s Public Service in a Good Jobs Economy: The Case of Environmental and Natural Resource Management
    Megan Scott (BC Government and Service Employees’ Union)
  • A Progressive Sustainable Jobs Agenda for British Columbia: The Role of BC’s Crown Corporations
    Iain Reeve and Marvin Shaffer
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