Manitoba and Winnipeg Alternative Budgets


The Manitoba office brings the best and brightest researchers, economists and community activists together around provincial or municipal election times to curate a fully costed budget and volume of policy and budgetary alternatives. With each alternative budget over twenty individuals and our staff point person work for months on the chapters, hashing through the budgetary numbers and creative ideas that we think can move our province and city towards a more just, environmentally sustainable and equitable place.  

Winnipeg Alternative Municipal Budgets

2022   Winnipeg at a Crossroads

2018   Imagine a Winnipeg...   

2014   Taking Back the City

2010   20/20: A Clear Vision for Winnipeg

2009   Community First

2008   2 Visions, 2 Cities: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 


Manitoba Alternative Provincial Budgets

2020        Change Starts Here

2006        Investing in Tomorrow, Today

2003-04   Alternative Provincial Budget

2002-03   Alternative Provincial Budget

2001-02   Alternative Provincial Budget