The Central Board of Directors sets broad policies to ensure effective governance and functioning of CCPA, in accordance with its purposes and principles. It approves budgets; ensures CCPA’s research, quality control, ethical standards and legal compliance are in place; and hires the National Executive Coordinator to support the work of the Board and support the inter-office Directors’ Group, which constitutes CCPA’s Management Team.

Directors to the Central Board are nominated by CCPA offices and supporting partners. The Members’ Council is composed of all supporters of the CCPA including each regional office, supporting partner organizations, and other allied organizations and selected individuals. The Council receives reports from the CCPA offices and organizational allies; selects the auditors, and approves audited financial statements; amends bylaws; sets broad policy directions for the CCPA, and ratifies decisions of the Central Board as may be required from time to time; nominates and approves potential Council members; ratifies the Central Board nominees and votes for the Chair of the Board from a ballot prepared by the Central Board nominating committee.

The work of each office is governed by a Steering Committee. Each Steering Committee has its own Rules and Procedures to govern the work of its office and to support the work of the Central Board. 

The six office Steering Committees meet throughout the year (number of times determined by each SC). The Members Council and the Central Board meet as required to review the organization’s financial and human resources and its activities and outcomes.

Central Board of Directors

Larry Brown (Chair) 

Tania Jarzebiak (Vice-chair/Treasurer)

Elizabeth Kwan

Meg Gingrich

Alex Himelfarb

Roxanne Dubois

Miriam Sobrino 

Sussanne Skidmore

Kent Peterson

Matt McLean

Rebecca Blaikie

Mike Belmore

Govind Rao

Grace-Edward Galabuzi

Dave Lambert

Members’ Council

Larry Brown (National Union of Public and General Employees)

Tania Jarzebiak (Canadian Union of Public Employees)

Pam Foster (Canadian Association of University Teachers)

Chris Roberts (Canadian Labour Congress)

MIscha Terzyk (Canadian Teachers’ Federation)

Jean-Philippe Grenier (Canadian Union of Postal Workers)

Monica Rusnak (Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario)

Gary Fenn (Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation)

Emily Watkins (Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada)

Howie West (Public Service Alliance of Canada)

Mark Hennessy (United Food and Commercial Workers)

Angelo DiCaro (Unifor)

Meg Gingrich (United Steelworkers)

Dennis Howlett (Individual supporter)

Laura Macdonald (Individual supporter)

Steven Staples (Individual supporter)

Miriam Sobrino (BC representative)

Sussanne Skidmore (BC representative)

Matt McLean (MB representative)

Rebecca Blaikie (MB representative)

Alec Stratford (NS representative)

Kent Peterson (SK representative)

Alex Himelfarb (National Office representative)

Roxanne Dubois (National Office representative)

Eve-Lyne Couturier (Allied organization -- IRIS)

Bill Moore-Kilgannon (Allied organization -- Parkland Institute)

Grace-Edward Galabuzi (Diversity representative to the Central Board)

Dave Lambert (Diversity representative to the Central Board)

Pat Armstrong (Constituency representative)

Niigaan Sinclair (Constituency representative)

Priscilla Settee (Constituency representative)

Jim Stanford (Constituency representative)

Chairperson or designate, Canadian Federation of Students

Hadrian Mertins-Kirkwood (non-voting, Unifor 567)