Our Schools/Our Selves - Winter/Spring 2022

The Crisis Continuum
January 5, 2022

COVID-19 has been a devastating disruptor. It has laid bare the cumulative impact of subsequent waves of austerity—the true crisis of neglect that undermines our education system and that marks our society even as we happily share those “Meanwhile in Canada” videos. Neglect of the need to meet students where they’re at in order for them to thrive. Neglect of the funding and resources needed so that educators can support kids and communities in schools which are both places of work and places of learning. Neglect of students with exceptionalities and special needs and the resources required to ensure they too can thrive. Neglect of the socioeconomic inequity both magnified and compounded by COVID-19. Neglect of the shameful legacy of colonialism and racism that is by no means confined to classrooms.

This collection of articles addresses those pre-existing crises, and how COVID-19 illuminated them, underscored them...and has provided us with an opportunity to have an honest conversation about the chasm between the schools we’re told we can afford and the ones we know our kids—all our kids—deserve.

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